not quite…

So after I posted yesterday, I decided that the  3 hours sleep I got on the planes really was not enough and I was far too tired to be safely using any quilting tools.

A short nap would help and I could quilt after.

Guess it was a good thing that I trusted my instincts, because I woke from my nap to a friend asking if I could drive her to the hospital to visit someone.  If I hadn’t napped I wouldn’t have been safe to make the drive and help her out.

By the time I was back, I had used up all my sewing energy and crashed again.

But today is a new day. I’ve spent a couple hours organizing up in the sewing room this morning. I’ve pressed some fabric and gotten it stored. I had a really nice weight white cotton shirt that a friend was tossing since it was stained and I got over 30 white nickles cut from it and some white bricks for a scrap quilt.  Next I’m going to cannibalize some t-shirts that I want to make into a t-shirt quilt in the future, but I don’t see a good reason to keep the whole shirt in the meantime.

And then there is the box of scraps I brought up from the basement a while ago…..

Eventually I am going to have to get out and grocery shop (Oreos aren’t really intended for breakfast!)

Drawing the line

The problem with crumb blocks is that at some point you have to draw the line across the sewing room and say “That’s it.”

Crumb blocks are like that sourdough friendship bread that can take over your life and kitchen if you aren’t careful.  You start, but then the process of finishing creates more  of those little scraps which become more crumb blocks.  I was all set to say that I was done this morning at 105 blocks and was very pleased that I stopped there with only 4 in-process blocks going back in with the remaining scraps.  Then as I packed it up I found another “little ziploc” of more starts of crumb blocks. I did just put it in there and walk away – or I’d be finishing up that next 20 into more of the weekend.

Instead, I used the Quick Strippie pattern over at Mary’s Quilts to make a quick charity quilt out of some jungle print fabric. I had problems with jungle animals this summer. I ordered a package of coordinating jungle fabric, then bought fabric from a different (and clashing) line to use on the border. Trying to fix it I bought more border fabric from my LQS, and discovered that once again I had the wrong line. So today the fabric at from the LQS and some leftover yellow batiks became a quick top.

Back to do more cleaning up and organizing in the sewing area. I think this might be the weekend to get rid of a bunch of synthetic fake fur from the teddy bear making days.  Anyone want to claim a bunch of fake fur – most pieces 1/2-1 yard in length?

Crumb control

Well I am happy to say that first basket on my sewing table is cleaned out and I have a stack of 18 crumb blocks.

However, I’ve still got a lot of pieces  and partial blocks. (And there are still strips in the second basket, and zipoc.)

And there is this stack of partial blocks on the ironing board….

Then when I was cleaning out some things in the basement I found this box. Still labeled from two moves ago…

And yes, it does have calico scraps in there.  Some I recognize from wedding quilts where the recipients have celebrated their 10+ anniversary…

I don’t think I can say that I have a handle on this yet…..

Declutter #10

Done! Today’s recycling and shredding put me over the 2010 mark!  And there is still a lot more to go.

I’ve upped the count to 4021 and given myself until July to complete it.

Declutter #8

I tackled some more boxes in the closet the last couple weeks. Another 145 items out of the house.  Right around the 75% mark now!

Declutter #7

I haven’t reported much lately, but things have continued to leave the house.  Another 20 books have left, either to BookMooch or to be sold on I sorted through a Big Stack of professional magazines, trimming out any articles that I need to keep for my professional portfolio and recycling the rest. An entire shelf of a bookshelf came down to 2″ stack of keepers. And I cleaned out a drawer of old makeup from the bathroom. It’s amazing how many little makeup things can live for a long time in one drawer.

So add another 94 items to the count.

Now if I could only count the stuff outside the hours. I’ve been doing a lot of fall clean-up and so far have 13 big paper bags out at the curb with lawn clippings and leaf stuff for the county composting.  It is certainly decluttering my property, but I don’t think it really counts.

sports fabrics and leftovers

My online friends at Sunshine Quilt Guild are the best!

A month or so ago I asked if anyone had any sports odds and ends. A friend of mine had given me some leftover yardage and a bunch of 6″ charms from a project, but it just wasn’t enough for a quilt. Well three Sunnies  answered my plea with an assortment of charms, FQs and strips. I cut everything that was big enough into 6″ charms – the size my friend had given me. Everything leftover got cut at 3.25″ and got made into 6″  four-patches. Then I took all the leftovers and made 6″ crumbs (wow, they go so much faster than the 8.5″ ones I usually make). I’ve got one top that I started assembling over the weekend, and figure I’ve got enough for 5 tops total.

sports fabrics

These will be bright colored, I-spy quilts.

I also tackled the leftover pink/purples from Emma’s quilt. I don’t know how I ended up with this many leftovers (I didn’t deliberately overbuy for that project), but there are enough to make a quilt for another young friend.  Nothing fancy, just framed 4-patches, but it will be fun and bright.

Pinks and Purple framed 4-patches

While I was working on these I also did some other cleaning up in the sewing room. I cut a bunch of leftover batting pieces into pieces for potholders and trimmed some scraps  into bricks and nickles.

Then I started into a project that I have been meaning to do for ages – creating a database of the quilt patterns and pattern books that I own.  That in turn led to cleaning out the bookcase by the sewing machine, and that’s where I am now.  Several books have gone out on BookMooch and I am wading my way through the professional journals that are taking up the top shelf.

Declutter #6

It was a pretty good cleaning week here.

I’ve been tackling two fronts, which of course means that neither is getting totally done. But I’ve taken a couple more boxes out of the garage (and attacked it with the shopvac) and I cleaned out the vanity in the spare bathroom. I figured any cosmetic/medicinal stuff in there was probably close to 4 years old and should be chucked. So I emptied and cleaned bottles for recycling.

Add another 195 items to the declutter list.  And there is still plenty more to go….

And can I just say how much I love audiobooks? Makes the whole mindless task of cleaning much more tolerable! Thank you NYPL!

Declutter #5

Wow what a crazy week.  Between the craziness and a self-imposed Internet break over the weekend, I see that I haven’t posted.

I did make some decluttering progress last week. Another 144 items headed for the shredder (conservative count), and I brought back 35 wire hangers to the dry cleaners, getting them out of my closets. Two latch-hook kits got passed to a friend (and I didn’t inflate the count by counting all the little pieces of yarn in the kits!) . So add 181 items to the count and that puts me over the halfway point! It has also emptied a laundry basket, and three more cardboard boxes from the house.

More decluttering on the way today.  I want to get back to the quilting I’ve been working on, but I’m restraining myself until either the recycling bin or trash can is full.  (On the plus side – I have completed enough quilts or quilt related projects to have used up more than 100 yards of fabric this year!)