DIY bath cleaner

When I left off the other day I was headed to do some cleaning. So how did that DIY cleaner work? Amazingly well. I used this recipe, basically using a 1:1 of dish detergent and vinegar and I was very please with the results. I will use it again.

A few notes from my experience:

Don’t let it dry. They recommend letting it sit, but I found that with the surround, it ran down to the tub and and dried on the walls. It took some scrubbing. Next time I wouldn’t let it sit on the walls.

RINSE WELL. Otherwise, your tub will be very slippery.  Make sure it’s well rinsed and if you use a bath mat that the suction cups are attached. (Yes, I have the bruise on my leg from stepping in to scrub the soap dish and having the bath mat slide.)

Don’t heat the vinegar in the spray bottle. I made small batches since I was experimenting. For the first one I heated the vinegar in a measuring cup. But the second batch I figured since the bottle was empty and microwave safe, I would heat the vinegar directly in the spray jar. Well, while it looked empty, there was enough soap so that:

heat+steam+ soap+small bottle opening = a small explosion in microwave.

Admittedly it did a great job of cleaning out the microwave by the time I mopped it all out, but it wasn’t on the to-do list for the day.

Of course a clean tub led me to trying it on my bath mat (mixed results) and an internet search for “Recyclable bath mat”. I figured if I was going to replace it, maybe there was something more eco-friendly. There are several on the market, but most of them didn’t get good reviews when it comes to mold/mildew resistance.  Since the house doesn’t have A/C and moisture is a battle here through the summer anyway, I’ll pass for now.

The list is growing – some because I am spending way too much time on Pinterest and I’m finding such interesting things. You mean I can make my own ironing board hanger? That would get it off the floor in the spare bedroom.  Painter’s tape? That’s a great tip for re-caulking the tub! Mosaic stepping stones for the flower beds? Cool! And don’t even get me started on how many things there are to do with wine corks….

A quick update on my HSTs. All 1280 of them are stitched and pressed. About 500 are sliver trimmed. I’ve been working on other projects so they’ve been neglected lately, but they are all there for when I come back to them.

And the list continues

Yesterday’s list-making was very productive. I counted 33 things on the list this morning – and I’m not sure if I should be relieved that I trapped the thoughts or overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to work through the list.

So how long will it take me to work through this list? I have no clue.  Some of the items fall into what I call “the cost of doing business”. These are things that have to basically be done on a regular basis. One of these is “Change linens on guest bed.” It’s not a particularly time-consuming chore and the linens will cycle in with the rest of the household laundry.

Then there are the other chores that you need to do on an annual (semi-annual? when it gets to really annoy you?) basis. I’d put “Reorganize the linen closet” in this category. It could go either way. It might be a straightforward project, or it might become a time-sink. Either way, plan for more time rather than less. (And of course that doesn’t include any time lost on Pinterest searching “closet organization”!)

But “Paint the guest room” is a whole different thing.  And as any list maker will debate – do you break out the tasks on the list and create sub-lists? (I say yes, just to be able to cross more things off the list.)  That one I’m not even thinking about today.

I did get one thing off the list – “Flowers”.  I love the self-watering planters and bought one of the converter kits for the summer planter. I’m not good at the whole keeping plants alive thing, and this makes it so much easier.  So added the front step is a pot of petunias.


I’m off to tackle more things on the list. First will be trying one of the bathroom cleaners I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. I’d love to start using more environmentally friendly cleaners, but sometimes, they just don’t cut through the hard water grime. But I’m game for an experiment.

Morning mess

I don’t have anyone to blame but myself for this one. And if I had even thought about it for 5 seconds, I would have been able to predict what was going to happen.

I forgot my iced coffee container this week. And it sat in a hot car for a couple days. Heat + closed container + residual with dairy product = smelly mess. I’ve been meaning to buy some of this Skweet stuff to try, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

So I figured I’d let it sit with some baking soda in it, to see if that got rid of some of the smell. That’s worked before. I rinsed it, sprinkled in a bunch of baking soda and shook well to get it to coat the inside.  Then I spotted the white vinegar on the counter. I had planned to run it through the coffee maker and I thought, Baking soda, plus vinegar. If one’s good..

Yeah, you can see where this is going.

I popped the top to the bottle and poured in a bunch of vinegar. Great! Lots of foaming cleaning. I’ll just put the lid back on quick and let it do it’s thing for a while.

That “foamy cleaning” blew the top right off the bottle.  And I had a foamy vinegar-y mess all over.

The bottle does smell better….