Mockingbird Marathon

Mockingbird MarathonI’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but I’d never read To Kill a Mockingbird until a couple years ago.  Of course I had seen the movie, but somehow in my eclectic reading background I had missed this book. It wasn’t until a colleague suggested a student book group that I finally read it.

And looking back, I think that might have been a good thing.  Because while talking with a small group of bright high school students I could see it through their eyes, and I could also see it as an adult. I think I appreciated it a lot more than I might have in high school.

Next Saturday I will be among the readers gathering at the Book House for a marathon reading. This event is to both celebrate the book’s 50th anniversary and as a fundraiser for Literacy NY Greater Capital Region. I’ll be reading from 9:40 to 10:00am, but stop by anytime between 9am and 9pm (or completion of the book) to listen to a bit of a classic. If you’re busy and would still like to make a donation, let me know and I’ll happily bring it over with me.

An Unpredictable Saturday

The follow-up to the Friday Night Sew-in is supposed to be a post on Saturday about what you accomplished during the sew-in. But yesterday didn’t go as planned.

The goal of Saturday was this. Or rather the acquisition of this.

Red Fabric

See, I have been working on this 9-patch based quilt, and now that it is together I didn’t like the fabric that I had for the border. It was really calling out for some red in the border. And of course, this is an old line of fabric and it is a very specific red.

So after dropping off some old computer stuff at the electronics recycling (more declutter!), returning bottles and dropping the car off at the dealership for some repairs. VT and I headed out. She had the goal of dropping her sewing machine off for a tune-up and I was looking for the Red Fabric.

Three quilt shops, some gorgeous fall colors, a tea-shop and a winery later, we accomplished our tasks. But instead of going home as expected, I ended up clothes shopping and out for dinner. After being out for the better part of 14 hours, my Saturday post never happened.

So what did I get done on Friday? Not as much as I hoped. But I did make some more progress on this binding.


Nope, I’m not showing any more right now. I’ve got about 3ft more of binding to finish, and then I’ll show the finished project.

The Brussel Sprout Diet

“You too, can lose 8 pounds in two days on the Brussel Sprout Diet.  For two days simply make yummy roasted brussel sprouts your entree for one meal a day.  Similar to that old Cabbage Soup diet, but with something substantial in your stomach. Try it – it worked for me and it can work for you!”


Yes I have been eating brussel sprouts for two days now, but it is because I made a big batch of them on Sunday night. I don’t credit them  with my 8 lb weight loss from Monday to Tuesday.

A couple weeks ago, my weight hit a number I didn’t like. I started being more careful about what I was eating (not perfect, see earlier post on yummy chocolate cupcake.) So when I got on the scale on Monday I was expecting to see a level number, not one of being 4lbs heavier.  Just because I didn’t really believe it,  I tried it again and it went down.  Then I moved the scale to the left about 2 inches and I went from a 4lb increase to an 8lb loss.

I’ve known for years the tile surface in my bathroom threw off scale readings, so I had the scale out in the hall. Apparently that isn’t any better.

So I’m taking the lower number and marking where to put the scale to use that as a consistent measure. Then I can work off that number.

Two days of brussel sprouts, and lose 8lbs. If it were really that easy.

And in the end,  my jeans still fit the same.

Harvest yummies

Can I just say I love the Schenectady Greenmarket? I do love it. I love the fact that I can get local fresh produce at the end of November and that little kids can dance to hammered dulcimers and people get to ask intelligent questions about their food. And I was hugely entertained to hear one vendor trying to add to his Farmville neighbors.

I came home yesterday with stalk of Brussel sprouts that were roasted for dinner last night and then made Butternut Squash and Apple soup for lunches during the week. And of course there are salad greens in my fridge. Oh- and Battenkill Creamery’s Eggnog is divine! Now I have to avoid that and the too yummy chocolate milk. (I hear there is ice cream next week, I don’t know if learning about that was a good thing or not…)

Chocolate buzz

I am on a chocolate high.

I stopped at Dolce & Biscotti bakery on an errand this afternoon, and came away with a chocolate cupcake for myself.  Yum. I think the top was really fudge masquerading as frosting. If anyone is wondering, I think a birthday cake from here would be AWESOME. (hint, hint)

We have some great bakeries in the area. I haven’t decided whose cupcakes I like best. A comparision taste-test might be in order some day soon.