Productive weekend

It was a productive weekend. Lots of borders on quilts to finish them so I can actually get them quilted.

The Yellow Brick Road quilt got borders and a matching binding cut.2014-01-06_05-36-53_570

The pink and black quilt got double borders (sorry, super blurry).


And the crumb quilt got its borders too and a binding made. (I really need to work out a better way to get some pics other than draping them over the ironing board.)


Plus I got a binding on a charity crumb block quilt that I had quilted on New Year’s day. That’s a “Done” project.  Then these little guys are my favorite type of project, something from nothing.

These little hourglasses are leftovers from the hourglass quilt I made. (These were all too small to trim down to 3.5″ for the quilt, so I cut them down to 3″.)


I made four of these and they will become placemats. I haven’t decided yet what color to border them in yet. Dark red? Brown? Black?

And then to finish off the weekend I cut a new quilt from a Jelly roll.  All in all a productive weekend. Now I have to spend some quality time on the housekeeping I didn’t do!





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